I think once you have kids and hit a certain age everything cuts you up a little but dam those developer videos get me every year. Wooo changing the world 🌍 #wwdc18

Mac screenshots update is nice, I wonder is mojave might reduce my need for apps like pixave / little snapper (rip) #wwdc18

Wouldn’t want to be demoing Siri on stage. She has gotten it so wrong at work when I demo the concept of interface without interface hehehe #wwdc18

When I was coding / playing with my ZX Spectrum I didnt ever think we would have hand held devices that unlocks via facial recognition, it’s pretty mind blowing how quickly computing has moved on. Can we keep the Silicon Valley capitalist system away as much as we can please.

Here is a short montage clip of some game play footage from a recent Year 2 project (vertical slice made in Unity) Bugs Ahoy from the course I run at Winchester School of Art, BA (Hons) Games Design & Art. vimeo.com/273093870

In Firefox’s addressbar, you can limit results by typing special characters before or after your term

  • ^ for matches in your browsing history.
    • for matches in your bookmarks.
  • % for matches in your currently open tabs.
  • for matches in page titles.

  • @ for matches in web addresses.

iOS 11.4 just before iOS 12 is announced we finally get Messages in the Cloud happy but also wish Apple would just iterate and not big reveal release those days are over. WWDC could then be much more… let see what happens in the next couple of weeks…

Very happy, my team for Games Design & Art work super hard and also I’m one of the external examiners at Belfast School of Art (Ulster). Wooo 7th and 8th for Art in the UK @guardian 2019.

Watching Orbital on BBC iPlayer Belfast youngest daughter (12) came down from bed and looked at me and then TV and said “Woah dad these guys are cool” instant sofa space created as I said “yes they are” 😊👍