My new factory of power Micro.Blog on the Mac… thanks @manton I can’t wait to see how the platform develops, twitter + wordpress contender… I think so and I hope so.

Wow St. Vincent New York on Jools Holland unbelievably powerful… the LP version unfortunately is just full of swearing loses its power instantly for me gutted.

Best ever announcement in Tescos today

“this is a colleague announcement, would the back door man please return to the back door, a truck is waiting”

You had one job back door man one job!

Did someone say A History of Design for Games in 1hr45. Ok … Gutenberg to Jonathan Blow via Monks, modernism, Bauhaus, International Style, Rand, Rams, Sutherland, Englebert, Ive, Norman and landing in Post modernisn all done ✅ #excitingtimesatwsa #whattheyforgottotellyouatschool #year1

Woah colour theory mega depth lecture ! “We will revisit yellow later” 😳

Mind blown already 👍 #excitingtimesatwsa

Repost @gamesdesignart (@get_repost)

・・・ Amazingly informative Architecture tours as part of todays trip to the Barbican Estate thanks @barbicancentre so great. Back for one more day of investigation next week. Then time to focus and synthesise into game artefacts. Project 1. #Barbican #excitingtimesatwsa

Tired now. Completed Mega tutorial day with Year 1. Barbican trip tomorrow. Level Up. #makinggamesainteasyyouknow

I hate paypal but have to sometime use it and Paypal you have one thing you do ! How can you allow a server issues to effect your core functions! are you not a megacorp ??!

Ok what the heck I’ve removed my iOS Beta profile and I’m still stuck with iPhone asking to update to 11.1 not 11.0.2 grrrr

Managed a small pause in activities to help out at WSA Comic Club. My panel joined an illustrated Non-sequitur thus featuring in the strangest of stories 😊 #excitingtimesatwsa

Every interaction on iPhone 6s since iOS11 feels slower, unresponsive and janky. Hurry up iPhone X I can’t be resetting and deleting stuff on my phone yet.