Long day will record PhD microcast report tomorrow morning. Morning mainly not getting Go Lang blog to sort as I want. Midday awesome chat with @dajbelshaw about MoodleNet. More on that soon hopefully! 😊 and then afternoon mainly on delightful design and what it is and why it’s important not to “Nudge” but to empower. Which was hard going on fact.


The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works. No civil discourse, no cooperation, misinformation, mistruth.

Our new dolls hospital had a pretty exciting day with a visit from @afcwladies today @afc_wimbledon @manthyprocter #coyd

This is one of those shows I don’t want to end but know that it will have to. Fantastic TV.

Detectorists: a rich portrait of unremarkable lives gone slightly awry.

Great way to sum up excellent curriculum development.

These days I talk about our approach in terms of these four words that begin with the letter p: projects, passion, peers, and play. So that’s the approach I would take with coding, but also with any other learning: getting students to work on projects, based on their passion, in collaboration with peers, in a playful spirit. — Mitch Resnick

“Very few people grow up to be professional writers, but we teach everyone to write because it’s a way of communicating with others—of organizing your thoughts and expressing your ideas. I think the reasons for learning to code are the same as the reasons for learning to write. When we learn to write, we are learning how to organize, express, and share ideas. And when we learn to code, we are learning how to organize, express, and share ideas in new ways, in a new medium.” — Mitch Resnick

This ongoing atttack against university pay specifically against Vice Chancellors is unfair. High quality education is a must, this is what pushes forward a civilisation, but the fact that there seems to be a miss connection with renumerating those that lead in Universities, this is a non issue, the biggest issue is not fees paying VC wages but the fees themselves.

Higher Education should be available for all no matter your economic background, the ability to pass the entry requirements for any University should be within the power of anyone. What’s wrong is the ability for those that want to attend HE being put off by fees NOT Vice Chancellor wages.

Everyone should be fairly renumerated for the work they undertake and Universities not paying living wages should take a hard look at themselves.

New icon for gitlab.adamprocter.co.uk this week created by @jadegotcreative yay. Feedback welcome here or even better at discourse.adamprocter.co.uk #procterphd

Post each week the task I tell them Post each week don’t leave it till the end you should respond to material each week. That’s what I tell them! WordPress stats revealing true student activity. #excitingtimesatwsa first 1st year hand in (or should I say Blog in)