The biggest lesson from world best school system? Trust your Teachers. In this data driven education system trust seems to the last thing management look at just poorly gathered stats. Shame.

More than 😊 to pay £36 a year for @Ulyssesapp even if there was 1 major update a year it would be worth it but I know now it will be even better than that!

There are some apps that I want regular decent updates from & so @sketchapp, @OvercastFM & @Ulyssesapp are amongst them. Subscriptions make totally sense to me. Even onenote/outlook provide pretty great regular updates. Adobe is probably the weakest in living up to the subs model

Crossing the road in the world of autonomous cars - VR prototyping for communicating autonomous vehicle intent to pedestrians - #design #prototyping #process

Daughter has unveiled a partnership with Square Enix, publisher of award-winning video games such as Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, to create an original musical score for their highly anticipated game Life is Strange: Before the Storm -…

(Video) Bass re-wired sounds pretty good 👍. Playing from iPad Pro 9.7 3.5mm jack too! Linn Classik, B&W VM1 speakers & Amina ALF 80 bass box 🔊

Secrets Of Silicon Valley - Episode 1 - The Disrupters - via @bbciplayer Reveals the unethical capitalist practices in the Valley contrasting against there supposed Utopian ideals…