Great to see more and more designtech covering ethical design now. cc @aral I think that now human centred design has to now move to Humanity Centred Design and Delightful Design Experiences consider human rights at all levels of interaction. #levelup

It’s clear this was not a Facebook data breach because the data was not stolen or hacked, it was handed to Cambridge Analytica the same way it is handed to any Facebook API partner. It’s worse than a breach, it’s Standard Procedure.

I also agree with @caseyliss the iOS keyboard has become much more stupid in picking the words I want and allowing much more mistyping.

Hey Siri

Record audio

I have many moments driving or walking where I have a thought in my head and I need to capture is as close to the metal as possible as soon as possible, so a voice recording would be the closest but Hey Siri Record Audio…. nope. You have say Hey Siri new Voice Memo but it still doesn’t auto start recording… hey Siri you are a pain

Turn off Phone?

Guess not

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・・・ Uploaded 2/4 brand new podcasts talking to final year students about their games search inkubator in your favourite podcatcher #WSAxARCADE #gamesdesign

VIDEO: Sound UP! Wooo more updates to #sennep_holes #alphaputt beta @sennepldn #gamesdesign #crazygolf @errorwilliams

We can’t confuse matters by thinking that because a business is smart, disruptive – popular, even – and has a really neat app, it somehow has a right to have a different regulatory status to its competitors. - Sadiq Khan @SXSW

The bakery @tesco is great but you have to put in a machine slicer for public to use or staff it 24/7 with a cutting person please.

Graduates from your course earn £50k a year must mean excellent gold star teaching… hmmm The Data Mining continues #datadriveneducationagenda next step to call in Silicon Valley…