Thanks to @DanielAshton for inviting me to talk @winchesterart about “research with a small r” & embedding creativity in practice based ba games design & art. Etherpad document (welcome comment/input) with links to slides, recording and resources here -

Poem penned by @amyburvall the day after she woke up to probably the worst push notification you can imagine…


Finally managed to get some writing done this week, will podcast #procterphd day this week asap, a lot going on however a sneak peak outline of todays text;

delightful design -> edutech -> big data -> silicon valley tech -> eugenics -> not good

may not get away with this…

Lyon, M., & Hafner, K. (1999). Where Wizards Stay Up Late. Simon and Schuster.

If your interested in the history of the internet this book is excellent. 📚

A Letter about Google AMP - Google has chosen to create a premium position at the top of their search results which are only accessible to publishers that use a Google-controlled technology, served by Google from their infrastructure, on a Google URL, and placed within a Google controlled user experience.

Within BA (Hons) Games Design & Art in Winchester, UK each year we host numerous user testing events dressed up as parties for anyone to come, test & see what our students get up to. View the list for 2018

Although the final score was 0-3 (0-0HT) we put on a great game and in the first half we where very unfortunate to not go into the lead. Well done @AFCWimbledon #coyd

Completely agree with this piece from the Guardian.

We must reverse the ‘outcome oriented’ educational monster we have unleashed.

We have schooled them to believe formal education is where intellectual creativity and complexity go to die. @thoughtshrapnal