London Studio Trip

Busy day in London to meet up with @ustwoadventure @studiolovesong @lastseenonline and @sennep_games discussing future potential projects and our graduate showcase pop up arcade events #WSAxARCADE woooo

How about changing? Changing from passive, to active. From scroll to search, from react to rethink, from like and retweet to write and link. Take the power back.

Now the a key mucking up on MBP 2016 keyboard and I mainly use an external Keyboard, very poor. Might be 3rd trip since purchase to get keyboard “fixed”

Pause would be great.

Sometimes a pause button would be fantastic. There are moments where I just think yes pause please.

Sitting in the garden, weather is just right, can hear animals everywhere enjoying themselves. One beer buzz in. Kids playing a game together taxing their thinking and laughing together. Wife doing some random DIY (she loves that) and well I’m doing next to nothing just being in the moment.

Pause please.