To be fair now my is working so well is connecting to other services I will not moan about football and other general less wide issues here going forward. I don’t need to connect to Trolls. That’s what makes twitter rubbish. And not what the web is about. Sorry about that but I get worked up about football. I’ll notify people on specific major miles stones at AFC Wimbledon as an owner but I’ll keep my personal complaints to myself and not bore you to death 💀 👍😜

How is an opposition player standing on your goal-line considered inactive clearly he is active enough towards our keeper.All round terrible decisions & pretty unsportsmanlike behaviour today. Dont mind losing 0-4 to top of the league if they play professionally but not like that

Nice @lacticsofficial player Grigg after scoring kicks the ball into the family stand of our fans hmmm nice 👍 under handed & clearly coached team to be unsporting.

I hate teams that play the ref and clearly naughty in general ☹️ glad to support @afcwimbledon and not Wigan

Hey @LaticsOfficial try to tell your players that the traveling fans would like to join in with the player celebration rather than goading our fans not sporting

With @gamesdesignart today tour of @somersethousestudios and @sennepldn finished off with a nice pizza well done all #gamesdesign #gamemaker #excitingtimesatwsa

Randomly due to Apple news I was reluctantly informed that George Clunney gave out earplugs to fellow air travellers as he was travelling with his twins… a) have some blooming compassion people just put up with the noise b) George dont pander too nonsense

Instagram down so … posting where I own it first:

Yes!! Finally 106 signed @afcwimbledon let’s get the demolition team in and build our fantastic new community stadium back at Plough Lane Yay ! #coyd