I see @Ulyssesapp are considering a road map site. Perhaps an ideas list might be better, would be great to allow for subscribers/staff to upvote ideas publicly. Doesn’t mean all ideas make the app but would indicate demand & maybe a wish list submission option too.

Might just be me but any chance @Ulyssesapp you can move this icon. Accidentally hit a lot. Outlook made a nice change on send touchbar icon (same location) as now needs two presses to confirm…

Trip to Barbican with Evie bit more painful as morning derailment adds to upgrade chaos at Waterloo. Sweating on reading - Paddington train. Did someone say put up train prices too…

Enjoying the work @gamesdesignart graduates are doing @sennepldn in #sennep_holes!! @silverbeat @errorwilliams #sneakpeak

Search inkubator in your favourite podcatcher (mine is @overcastfm) and subscribe to my podcast. Hopefully a few more episode of the next academic year too with @altshift_edu and Bricks from the Kiln creator Andrew Lister

Spent most of the afternoon not sucessfully fixing my discourse install, frustating. RHEL using devicemapper by mistake, but cant change to overlay2 as kernel too old, which also doesnt want to update and now it appears I need Docker EE not CE anymore which is not good 😫

Two podcast episodes in one week we are spoiling you @_inkubator GDEN 2016 #gden subscribe here - dctr.pro/podcast @altshift_edu and I wrap up our discussion on GDEN 2016 and the challenges that lie ahead for educators.